Meet Jocelyn

Hello there! I’m Jocelyn! Welcome to my blog, the Vegan Hostess!


Short version: 

Vegan blogger. Non-profit professional. Lawyer. Cat lover. Coffee drinker. Potluck fanatic. Game night enthusiast.

Long version:

I’ve been vegan for almost eight years – since June 2009. I became a vegetarian at age twelve by betting a friend I could go longer without eating chicken nuggets. That was more than a decade and a half ago! Apparently, I only liked chicken nuggets because I haven’t eaten meat since that day. I think it’s safe to say I won that bet!

At first I didn’t make my lifestyle change for any political or ethical reasons—I was too young for that. However, I have come to adopt that reasoning as well. I believe that we should try to do the best we can while we’re on this planet, and that includes being good to those we share it with—including animals.

So yes, I’m vegan, and I love to cook and host dinners/ parties, hence the name of this blog. Occasionally, you’ll find a recipe for a potluck ready dish or one of my staple desserts. More often you will find vegan deals and coupons, reviews of recipes, restaurants, and cookbooks, and vegan-friendly products and restaurants.

Additionally, I hope that you will find some inspiration and perhaps the motivation to try something new.

Please feel free to reach out to me and share your thoughts!



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One thought on “Meet Jocelyn

  1. Hello Jocelyn,

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