2017 Savings Round Up

Hello friends!

A few years ago I resolved to save more and spend less. While I have not been the best at “saving” per se, I have been spending less through the dedicated use of coupons, rebates, and web-browser extensions. I’m pretty pleased with my 2017 Savings Round Up.

This year I saved over $400!

One of the ways I did this was to spend a little time on Sunday mornings creating my shopping lists and looking for relevant promo codes coupons online. Additionally, I checked a variety of product rebate apps to see if there were deals on items I was planning to buy. Check out all the ways I saved below! In 2018, you can resolve to save more!

Rebate Apps: (Check out my Top Ways to Save)

  • Ibotta – $52.29
    • I’ve earned nearly $200 since downloading this app!
      • This is one of my favorite apps because it is SO easy to use. In fact, I use it almost every time I shop because there is consistently a $0.25 rebate on any one item of your choice!
    • *If you sign up with my referral code, dlgmcji you can get a $10.00 welcome bonus.
  • Checkout 51 – $31.55
    • I’ve earned $64.10 since downloading the app!
  • Fetch Rewards – $16.70
    • I’ve earned $16.70 in Amazon.com gift cards since downloading the app!
    • *Join me and earn 1,500 points when you use my referral code (BU7GX). That’s $1.50 in free points! Download the app at http://www.fetchrewards.com
  • Berrycart – $15.50
    • I’ve earned $51.25 since downloading the app!
  • Shopkick – $6.00 in Amazon.com gift cards
    • I’ve earned $27.00 in Target/ Amazon gift cards since downloading the app!
    • Try Shopkick and we’ll both get points toward a free gift cards! Use code BEST121199 or download the app here: http://getsk.co/best121199
  • Savingstar – $0.50 (need $5)
  • MobiSave – $10.95
  • *Cartwheel by Target – $717.71 in total savings since June 2013


Online Savings Tools/ Browser Extensions:

  • Swagbucks – I’ve earned $125.00 in $25 Amazon.com gift cards this year!
    • Click the above graphic for $3.00 referral bonus when you earn 300SB! 
  • Coupon Cabin – I just started using Coupon Cabin, and I’ve already earned $33.04 cash back!
  • RetailMeNot – While RetailMeNot is a goto when looking for online promo codes, many people overlook it’s cash back rebate offers. I’ve received $14.00 cash back in just two purchases.

Other Ways to Save:

  • Ebates Coupons and Cash BackEbates – $116.96 (I’ve earned over $220 since December 2015)!
    • Why not give it a try, too?Get $10 when you join with my link! Click on the graphic! 
  • Robinhood – I had been looking for an easy way to get started in stock trades for the past few years. Acorns is popular, but I determined it wasn’t for me since it automatically rounds up all purchases. I kept looking and stumbled on RobinhoodRobinhood App
    • Robinhood let’s you join for as little as a $5.00 trade deposit. Plus, traders can buy and sell individual stocks for $0 a trade. On top of that, you and your referral each get a free share of a random stock when a referral link is used!
  • Discover It Card – This year I switched to the Discover It card. One enticing reason was that they have an excellent promotion for your first year—Discover doubles your entire cash back amount. This includes 1% cash back on all purchases, plus the 5% rotating quarterly categories (which are quite good and occasionally include Amazon.com!). Other perks include: no annual fee, free FICO credit score, no foreign transaction fee, and a 0% Intro APR for 14 months on purchases/ balance transfers.

So was it worth it? I saved over $400 this year not including Discover cash back. That’s not bad for doing little more than snapping a photo of my receipts, taking some surveys, and adding browser extensions. In my opinion, the time investment is minimal, and these savings tools really do make you think about what you purchase and the amount you spend. Plus, think of all the things $400 can buy—a round trip ticket to Los Angeles… my cats food and litter for a year… I could go on.

So what do you resolve to do this year?



* Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. As always, all opinions are my own!

December Holiday Savings Round Up

Hello everyone,

Can you believe it’s the middle of December? I can’t! The time is just flying by. I’ll be heading home to West Virginia this weekend to spend some time with my family for the holidays. Even though I’m not hosting, I’ll still be helping out with the grocery list, as well as, making vegan stuffed shells. I scoured the local deals and online rebates to come up with a fool proof December Holiday Savings Round Up. Check it out below!

Also, a quick reminder for all you folks who are doing some last minute holiday shopping. Ebates is offering $10 cash back for new sign ups! Plus, many sites have increased their usual cash back on the site!

Ebates Coupons and Cash Back

Cheers and happy shopping!


PS – As always, in case you missed them, check out my top ways to save and other recent savings posts.

* Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. As always, all opinions are my own!

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November Savings: Go Veggie, Follow Your Heart, & Tips on Swagbucks/ Ebates.

Hello everyone,

Are you feeling refreshed after getting an extra hour of sleep last night? Say what you want about Daylight Savings Time, but I think everyone enjoys getting an extra hour of sleep once in awhile! I’m not sure it makes up for the super early evenings though… So I’m spending this rainy, gray day planning for my week and reviewing finances. What fun! I also spent some time checking on current promotions for my favorite rebate apps and savings websites. Check out the fall perks and full November Savings below!

Right now Swagbucks has a great fall promotion for new members. Simply sign up with my referral link and earn 300 points (essentially $3.00) that you can turn into a variety of gift cards, even for Amazon!

Join Swagbucks!
Why not get paid to shop, answer questions, and watch videos?

Not to be outdone, Ebates is offering $10 cash back for new sign ups! Plus, Groupon just doubled their cash back on the site from 3% to 6%!

Ebates Coupons and Cash Back

And, I am sooooooo excited that Hampton Creek’s Just Mayo is now being sold online via. Amazon.com. I was distraught when Target pulled these products earlier this year. I just orderly an embarrassing large amount of Just Mayo Light – it’s my favorite!

Alright, go get ready for holiday meals and gift giving while saving a buck or two! Cheers and happy savings!


PS – As always, in case you missed them, check out my top ways to save and other recent savings posts.

* Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. As always, all opinions are my own!

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September Savings: Kite Hill, Sabra, Frontera, & More!

Hello everyone,

Happy September Savings! Ah, while many of my friends are mourning the loss of summer, I couldn’t be happier. This is simply my favorite time of year. The leaves will soon begin to change. We’ll get sweater weather. Plus, pumpkin spice everything! I know, I know. But fall means winter. I also love snow, and I’d much rather be cold than hot. Bring it on! I’m so excited to make tofu pot pies and baked squash. Yum.

Okay, so today I have a full September Savings Round Up packed with great coupons and deals, but I also want to talk about a “new” rewards app – Fetch Rewards. This app has actually been around for quite some time, but I didn’t learn about it until last week when I logged into my Mobisave app to scan a receipt and saw their new partnership.

Use my Fetch Rewards referral code – BU7GX – and it will earn you and me 1,500 points with your first completed receipt. That’s the equivalent of $1.50.

Fetch Rewards works similar to fan favorites like IbottaBerrycart, or CheckOut51. Fetch Rewards allows you to scan a receipt within the past 14 days, and it will automatically look for certain brands/ products that earn points. Plus, there are constantly special offers which earn you up to an extra 1,000 points just for one product. That’s essentially an extra $1.00 rebate. This is a great way to put a few extra dollars back in your pocket each month while expending minimal effort. The thing I love most is the variety of brands on the app. There is everything from Lays/ Tostitos chips to Boca brand faux meats!

Want more specifics? Fetch Rewards earns you points two ways: Participating brands get base points and bonus points. All brands listed on the “save” tab earn points per dollar amount. Additionally, you can receive bonus points if the price of the item is more than the target price listed.

How does this translate to cash back/ rewards? 3,000 points will earn you $3 at Amazon or Target. You might say 1,000 points per dollar is pretty steep, but you earn points rather quickly. If you purchase a bonus brand you can get loads of extra points. I recently purchased a bag of Lays chips for a Labor Day party and received 500 “brand” points and 25 points for the $2.50 cost of the bag of chips.

If you enter my referral code (BU7GX) and scan a receipt, we’ll each get 1,500 points. That equals $1.50 in rewards just for using my code! Why turn down free money?

The only catch is you must enter the referral code before you scan your first receipt. You can do that when you first sign up for Fetch Rewards or by clicking the “Me” button and entering the code prior to scanning the receipt. Once you scan and send your receipt and it’s accepted, the 1,500 points will automatically be applied to your account.

Fetch Rewards is available for both iOS and Android: http://www.fetchrewards.com/fetchrewards

What are you waiting for? Go download this app and be sure to checkout my full savings round up below! Cheers & happy shopping!


PS – As always, in case you missed them, check out my top ways to save and other recent savings posts.

* Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. As always, all opinions are my own!

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Looking for Ways to Save? Check Out Some of My Favorites

* Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate and referral links. I may earn a commission or bonus if you click through to make a purchase. As always, all opinions are my own.

Hello everyone,

I hope your July is off to an amazing start. I had such a nice holiday weekend and played with so many sparklers. Last weekend I went thrifting. It’s the little things, you know? I’m writing now to alert you to two amazing welcome bonuses avaialble from Ibotta and Ebates.


This was my first and favorite cash back rebate app. You simply review the current deals available at various stores and select those you wish to use. The app will have you watch a quick video or ask a simple question to ‘unlock’ your rebate. Then you go shopping. Once you return home, you take a picture of the product barcode and receipt. Once you earn $5 you can request a transfer via Paypal. Continue reading “Looking for Ways to Save? Check Out Some of My Favorites”