VeganCuts Review

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My name is Jocelyn, and I love snacks. There is nothing better than a small, sweet or savory pick me up in the middle of a long work day. Or after work. Or before bed. Or anytime really. You get my point.

In addition to loving snacks, I also love receiving mail. So what’s better than a monthly subscription for vegan snacks? Nothing!

I have been an on again off again Vegan Cuts subscriber for the past few years. I recently renewed my subscription again and thought I’d review this month’s box. Continue reading “VeganCuts Review”

San Diego: Moncai Vegan

Hello Friends,

Sorry for the lapse in new entries. I’m in always 70 and sunny San Diego for a long weekend! I thought I’d share a review of my favorite meal I’ve had since visiting.


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Game Day Recipe Review: Vegan Seitan Buffalo “Wings”

Hello everyone,

Today I thought I would review a perfect vegan game day appetizer recipe that I tried yesterday – Seitan Bufflalo “Wings” from Baked-In. I will admit up front, I made a few errors when making this. Read my review and learn from my mistakes! That being said, I still think this is a great recipe, and it was my first time making seitan. Out of all of the faux meats out there, I think seitan is the most difficult to make at home and get it right. But that doesn’t mean it’s impossible! So roll up your sleeves and give it try!

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