Vegan in Warsaw

Vegan in Warsaw

Hello fellow travelers,

In May, I was lucky enough to head to Warsaw, Poland for a few days. While I didn’t have much time to sightsee, I made sure I was able to visit a few baroque palaces and gardens, the Uprising Museum, and of course, eat at a few vegan-friendly restaurants. Being vegan in Warsaw, I was expecting to find vegan versions of Polish staples like dumplings and perogies. Instead, I found a wealth of Italian, Mediterranean, and asian vegan cuisine. And it was excellent! Below is a brief collection of restaurants and mouth watering photos to go with them!

Enjoy, fellow vegan travelers!


* Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. As always, all opinions are my own!

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Youmiko Vegan Sushi

  • Hoża 62, 00-001 Warszawa, Poland
  • Times:
    • Closed Mondays
    • Sunday: 1:00-9:00pm
    • Tuesday – Tuesday: noon – 10:00pm
    • Friday/ Saturday: noon – 11:00pm
  • Facebook:

Youmiko Sushi, Warsaw Youmiko Sushi, Warsaw Youmiko Sushi, Warsaw Youmiko Sushi, Warsaw

Youmiko is a cute restaurant, tucked into a small shop on a busy street next to a few other vegan joints. The outdoor seating is limited, but I wanted to sit inside so I could watch the sushi being made. The menu is quite interesting and unlike anything I’d seen in the states. You simply pick how much food you want, and the types of sushi rolls you’d like to try. This means you don’t get to pick the flavor/ vegetables used in dishes—but don’t fret—the chefs certainly know what they are doing!

Youmiko uses fabulous flavors and ingenious combinations. All of their dishes use vegetables from local markets/ gardens, and they import speciality items from around the world. The menu states that that they “combine a traditional Japanese approach to cooking with Polish creativity to get surprising combinations of flavors and prove that the vegetarian cuisine is fully valuable, aromatic and tasty.” I think they’ve succeeded. For around $10USD I had a four course sushi experience that was better than anything I’ve had in the US. I even had a piece of sushi with tomato on top that looked almost too much like the real thing!

*Note, all of the sushi is made fresh to order so you need an hour minimum to enjoy this experience!

Tel Aviv - Warsaw

Tel Aviv Food & Wine

  • Poznanska 11, Warsaw 00-680, Poland
  • Times:
    • Sunday: 10:00am – 11:00pm
    • Monday – Thursday: 10:00am – 12:30am
    • Friday – Saturday: 10:00am – 2:00am
  • Facebook:

Tel Aviv is a well known, and often packed, contemporary cafe that specializes in vegan Israeli dishes and kosher wines. The atmosphere is relaxed, and the serving style is so laid back you might have to flag your waiter down from time to time. It seems like they wouldn’t mind if folks stayed all night! The owner and founder, Malka Kafka, wanted to created a joyful restaurant that was as vibrant as the real Tel Aviv while remaining committed to a conscious and sustainable lifestyle. I think he succeeded!

The menu is extensive and includes everything you would expect, from hummus to falafel rolls, but also includes a rare vegan take on jaffo shwarma. I could not pass up the opportunity to give this unique find a try, and I highly recommend it! The shwarma was fantastic and included vegetables, hummus, hot sauce, faux shwarma, and it  came with potato wedges, vegan mayo, and a Waldorf salad to create a full meal that was beautifully presented.

Old Town, Warsaw, Poland

Gofry Belgijskie

  • ul. Świętojańska 3, 00-266 Warsaw, Poland
  • Times:
    • Sunday – Thursday: 11:00am – 10:00pm
    • Friday/ Saturday: noon – 11:00pm

Gofry is an adorable snack food…hole in the wall?  It’s literally a small shop with a window to serve people on the cobble stone street. The menu is small, but the fresh cut, piping hot french fries are a must try! I couldn’t leave Poland without have a hearty helping of potatoes, and luckily, this convenient stand with right around the corner. The plus side? The food is served ready to go, and it’s open late! I took a lovely stroll through Old Town while indulging on some fries and couldn’t have been happier!

Gofry - Warsaw French Fries in Warsaw

Cheers & happy travels!


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19 thoughts on “Vegan in Warsaw

  1. Great post:) I have heard good reviews about Tel Aviv, I need to go there finally! I go to Warsaw quite often and I am very glad that there are more and more options for vegans, even in non-vegan places. Last time I went there my friends took me to a nice bar called Bubbles for drinks, and we also ordered some food. I had a tomato tartare and it was delicious. I will visit Warsaw soon and I hope to go there again 🙂

  2. These places look great. The one has an almost castle look to it. I love french fries, I’m always game for trying a new place just for the french fries.

  3. I am so glad you were able to find vegan places to enjoy! It is not always an easy thing to do!! I know here where I live finding a vegan place is near impossible!

  4. These are awesome places in Warsaw, Poland that have vegan foods. I would love to visit Poland some day. The Kosher wines and that pie I would indeed try at Tel Aviv. Thanks for sharing these awesome places to serve vegan foods and the great photos.

  5. That Vegan sushi looks tasty, I love sushi and I usually make one when my hubby requested it. Gonna have to visit that Youmiko place somedya!

  6. I have considered switching to a vegan diet. But one of my biggest concerns is finding foods to eat when traveling or dining out.

    It looks like you found some tasty dishes. I could go for some california roll about now. Its probably not vegan though.

    1. It can be easy to find food while traveling or dining out depending on where you go. Admittedly, I’ve eaten a lot of bare bones salads and french fries while traveling out west 🙂

  7. Fortunately it is becoming easier to eat vegan in Warsaw. Even some non-vegan places has something to offer for us:) One of my favorite places is the Akademia Restaurant. On request they do prepare vegan dishes, and they are always incredibly delicious and fresh. I love going there with my friends!

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