Review: Marc Maron, WTF Roast, Just Coffee Co-Op

Hello everyone,

Cory and I love coffee. I mean we LOVE coffee. The smell of it, the taste of it…and the caffeine boost doesn’t hurt! We’ve gone through many coffee phases in the nearly six years we’ve been together—using pre-ground coffee and a regular coffee maker; then stepping it up and getting whole beans, a burr grinder, and using a french press; to finally using whole beans, a burr grinder, and an AeroPress.

You may not think that how you make your coffee matters much, but I beg to differ! AeroPress coffee is so much smoother and less acidic. The only downside is that it won’t make you six cups of coffee at a time. So if you’re pulling an all nighter or having a lot of guests, it’s probably a good idea to keep that ‘ol french press around!

Anyway, we’ve been splurging  a little and buying fancy whole beans. By fancy, I mean not Trader Joe’s brand. Most recently, we drank the Just Coffee Co-op WTF Roast (Marc Maron).

Just Coffee started as a small coffee roaster that worked with Zapatista coffee farmers in Chiapas, MX and is now working with local roasters in Madison, WI. They partner with a variety of different personalities and charities for their roasts. (They also have a great blog with posts from coffee roasting secrets to facial scrubs!)


Marc Maron is famous for being a comedian with a highly successful podcast, but he’s notorious for his love of coffee, with quotes on his podcast like, “POW, I just Shit My Pants! promoting his WTF Roast. So obviously when two of Cory’s favorite things (1) coffee and (2) Marc Maron/ Comedy paired up, we knew had to try it!

Normally we drink light roast coffee because it has a lower acidity and higher caffeine content. This could also be a knee jerk reaction to years of Starbucks Coffee which usually has a more dark roast than expected or desired. Cory also drinks his coffee without sugar or cream, which probably also explains why he likes lighter roasts as well.

That said the WTF blend, prepared as we normally do in an AeroPress, is really a wonderful tasting coffee that packs a caffeinated punch. The website states it has complex, spicy, chocolatey tasting notes. We didn’t get the normal acidic or oily taste that comes with most dark roasts. But we did taste fruit/wine flavors which we both love in light roasts. (Some of our favorites come from Ethiopia!)

At $14 for a 12oz bag of whole beans, the WTF blend is a wonderful treat, and if you’re willing to spend a little extra cash, would make a great daily drinker. Enjoy it in good health!


Jocelyn & Cory (who makes most of the coffee in our home)