Quick Review: Localita and the Badasserie

Hello friends,

One morning, Cory and I were on our way to go sight seeing, but we wanted to get a quick bite to eat. As we all know, sometimes getting a quick vegan breakfast isn’t easy…unless of course you want granola and some fruit. Luckily, downtown LA has a hidden gem for vegans – Localita and the Badasserie.

The tagline of this restaurant really says it all, “eat nice. live naughty.” It’s a fun little hole in the wall, with room for 5-7 people inside and 2 outside. It seems like a place where many call ahead and pick up their breakfast sandwich to go or simply have it delivered.


The menu includes shakes, smoothies, and coffee. The food options range from salads, to wraps, to quinoa bowls, but the real stand outs are the breakfast sandwiches called “badasses.” And I think that’s a pretty great name for them. The Badasses are a vegan take on a standard breakfast sandwich on an English muffin. Most have fun names which refer to rappers, famous songs, or cars.


Cory and I couldn’t help ourselves, and we both ordered the “OG Badass” because it sounded awesome. This sandwich includes a vegan sausage patty smothered, and I mean smothered in, vegan cheddar, chipotle sauce, sriracha, red onion, and maple syrup, all served on a multigrain bun. There are a ton of user reviews on Yelp about this sandwich. It seems like you either love it or hate it. I personally loved it.

No, it is not a ‘healthy’ vegan breakfast sandwich. What it is, is a greasy, feel good, fills you up, start to the day, breakfast sandwich. Everything was cooked to perfection, and it’s so much better than any breakfast sandwich I remember having pre-vegan. We rounded out our hearty meals by sharing a chocolate and coffee almond milk shake. It hit the spot. Out of the whole trip to LA, I think this was the biggest “splurge” meal I had, and I don’t regret it one bit.


Hands down, I give this dive five stars. Please give the Badasserie a try the next time you’re in LA. You will not regret it, and this shop deserves the love!



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