Recipe: Crock-pot Red Lentil Potato Soup

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Ah, soup season. A time to indulge in comforting, warm stews while binge watching your favorite Netflix show! Soups are also a wonderful “make it once” and “eat it all week” solution. Throw a slow cooker/ crock pot/ pressure cooker recipe into the mix and your job just got even easier (if that was possible)! I love making a huge batch of soup in my crock-pot on Sunday evenings, and my ridiculously easy Crock-Pot Red Lentil Potato Soup does not disappoint.

The ingredient list isn’t very long, with just a handful of vegetables, garlic, lentils and then some seasoning. Don’t let it fool you. This soup packs a serious flavor punch! I really like adding a touch of cayenne to give the after taste a little bite, but even without the heat, the flavor is wonderfully bold. Plus, this recipe simply couldn’t be easier. Simply toss the ingredients in your crock-pot and go. Voila!

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Recipe: Savory Lentil Vegetable Stew

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We haven’t had much of a winter until this week, and I am not prepared. One good thing
that comes along with cold weather is hearty, savory stews! This past week I was going through my cupboards and I noticed I had a lot of red lentils begging to be used. Thus, I decided to clean out my refrigerator and make a stew.
Soups and stews are the perfect end of the week meal on a chilly night. It’s warm and inviting, plus it enables you to use up all of those vegetables wasting away in the crisper.

What follows is my own recipe for a savory lentil vegetable stew, flavored with turmeric and cardamom. It’s so delicious you and your family will all want seconds, which is just fine, since this recipe makes enough to serve 10!

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