Restaurant Review: B52 Cafe in Pittsburgh

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While I have been in Cleveland for almost seven years, I spent most of my life a short trip
from Pittsburgh, PA. My family is still in the area, and I am an avid Steelers fan. When the Steelers made it into the playoffs, I knew I would be making the trek back home to watch the game(s). What better excuse to spend a few days in the city and try out some new coffee shops and restaurants?

B52 just opened in the up and coming Lawrenceville neighborhood. B52 is an abbreviation for the cafe’s location which is the corner of Butler and 52nd Streets. This is the second venture of Allegro Hearth Bakery creator, Omar Abuhejleh, and I think he’s onto something very special.  Continue reading “Restaurant Review: B52 Cafe in Pittsburgh”

Review: Detroit Vegan Soul

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A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of traveling to Detroit for a conference. While I was there I got to swing by a few local restaurants and coffeeshops. Today I would like to share one that rose to the top for me – Detroit Vegan SoulContinue reading “Review: Detroit Vegan Soul”

San Diego: Moncai Vegan

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Sorry for the lapse in new entries. I’m in always 70 and sunny San Diego for a long weekend! I thought I’d share a review of my favorite meal I’ve had since visiting.


Continue reading “San Diego: Moncai Vegan”