Coupon Alert: Beanfields, Ripple DF, Sweet Earth, Produce, & more!

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Happy fall!

This is my absolute favorite season – from the clothes to the weather to the food – it’s simply the best. I love going to the farmers market and buying way too many root vegetables and squash to roast. Plus, how can you go wrong with pumpkin flavored everything?!

I spent this weekend doing yard work, running errands, and scouring the internet and rebate apps to find the best deals so you don’t have to. Check out my latest coupon round up below.

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Coupon Alert: Produce, Sweet Earth, Oreos, and much more!

Hello friends,

freemoneyThere are many new  product rebates available on a variety of smartphone savings apps, such as Ibotta or Shrink. You can save on everything from broccoli or onions to Sweet Earth Burgers or Califia Almond Milk. Additionally, there are some great savings on vegan “junk foods” like Oreos and I Heart Quinoa puffs.

Check out the following vegan-friendly savings to help you save more cash while you’re out shopping this week.

Happy shopping!


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Vegan Lemon Meringue Pie (& a pep talk)


Hello friends,

I have a confession. A kitchen nightmare confession. Over the past year, vegan blogs have been exploding with “aquafaba” recipes.  This is a nickname given to “bean” water that comes from a can of chick peas, cannelini, or great northern beans that usually goes down the drain. It can easily replace an egg in many vegan culinary dishes. By far, the greatest aquafaba achievement has been the discovery that it can be used to make vegan meringue. How cool is that?

I decided that I wanted to see what all the internet fuss was about and start out with something “easy.” I chose vegan meringue cookies. Boy was I wrong. Continue reading “Vegan Lemon Meringue Pie (& a pep talk)”

Traditional, but vegan, Pizzelles

Hello everyone,

FullSizeRender_5You may have guessed that my kitchen is rather small based on my photos and crafty use of angles. That means I am a strong advocate against kitchen appliances that are single use. I can justify a Vitamix Blender because I use it all the time – for soups, for chopping nuts, for baking, etc. However, I do not own a toaster because all it does is toast, and I can do that on my 2-Burner Reversible Griddle. (Side note, at first I was deeply opposed to getting a griddle, but I have to say, we use it all the time. I love it! It makes sautéing veggies a breeze, and is perfect for grilling sandwiches, too).

Well, all that didn’t stop me from finally cracking and purchasing my very own pizzelle iron, specifically the Cuisinart WM-PZ2 Pizzelle Press (which I highly recommend! It’s non-stick, works well, and is cost effective!).

I come from an Italian family so when I think about cookies that are a staple at every wedding, holiday event, graduation party, etc., I think of the pizzelle. I can still smell the anise oil cooking out of the pizzelles at my grandma’s house. Continue reading “Traditional, but vegan, Pizzelles”

Product Review: Follow Your Heart’s VeganEgg


Hello friends,

Today I want to share my review of a relatively new product in the vegan market – Follow Your Heart brand’s VeganEgg.

I first learned about companies attempting to produce the perfect “vegan egg” earlier this year when a flurry of articles related to Hampton Creek (and the “JustMayo” controversy) took over my Facebook newsfeed. While Hampton Creek is supposedly releasing their take on the “vegan egg” later this winter, Follow Your Heart beat them to the punch. Continue reading “Product Review: Follow Your Heart’s VeganEgg”