Recipe & Review: Vegan Banana Ricotta Toast

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Hello everyone,

Kite Hill RicottaAvocado toast has become… Let’s just say “a thing.” Admittedly, I love a good avocado toast as much as the next millennial, but recently I had a craving for a sweet, slightly savory breakfast toast. I had just picked up some Kite Hill Ricotta so I thought—why not make a Vegan Banana Ricotta Toast?! I’m so glad I did. It was simple, ascetically pleasing, and delicious!

I love all things banana + peanut butter flavored, but I was never one for savory/ sweet breakfast combos. This recipe has swayed me. Kite Hill’s ricotta is slightly sweet and silky and can be used to replace traditional ricotta in any recipe. I’ve previously used this ‘ricotta’ for stuffed shells, and it works fantastic! Check out my tried and true recipe sure to please the dairy-free non-believers! (Plus, you can save $1.00 on the Kite Hill product of your choice!) Next on my list is to use this as a substitute for mascarpone!

What follows is my ‘all you need to know’ recipe for a delicious Vegan banana Ricotta Toast! I hope you enjoy it.

Cheers & happy eating!


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Recipe: Vegan Rhubarb Crisp


Hello everyone,

I hope you’re all enjoying the weather, getting together with friends, and eating yummy food! In preparation for several holiday get togethers this weekend, I went to the West Side Market to pick up some fresh produce. I was so please to find one of my favorite summer vegetable/fruits – rhubarb! Continue reading “Recipe: Vegan Rhubarb Crisp”

Restaurant Review: Townhall, Vegan Brunch!


Hello everyone,

Imagine, it’s a Sunday morning. You’re hungry. You don’t want to get ready and stumble around your kitchen to prepare a meal. So what do you do? You put some pants on and goto brunch! If you’re in Cleveland, there is no shortage of amazing places to eat brunch — even if you’re vegan!

I recently went to brunch at Townhall on W. 25th St.for the first time. Townhall is a popular bar and restaurant in a ‘hip and up and coming’ area of town, on the same block as the historic West Side Market. Their menu is full of designated vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options and includes a variety of local ingredients. As an added bonus, the restaurant is in an old renovated warehouse space and is warm and welcoming with open brick walls and a cozy patio! Continue reading “Restaurant Review: Townhall, Vegan Brunch!”

Recipe: Southwest Tofu Scramble

Hello everyone,FullSizeRender_8

There is a saying in my kitchen – Good food plus good food equals good food. We say this when trying to decide if we want to make a one skillet meal or keep all the ingredients separate. We generally opt for one skillet so there is a less clean up, and heck, it tastes the same anyway! This means we make a lot of ragouts, skillet means, and scrambles.

This week we made a super satisfying southwest inspired tofu scramble. We considered keeping the potatoes separate as their own hash brown segment, but then we decided to lump them into the scramble. Because, why not?! It tasted great. The tofu had a spicy, smokey flavor, and the vegetables were reminiscent of fajitas. Think of this as a meal every bit as tasty as tacos, but more socially accepted before noon.

Give the recipe a try and let me know what you think!



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VeganEgg Omelette by Follow Your Heart

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Hello everyone,

Let’s talk about eggs. Even though I’ve only been vegan since 2009, for the vast majority of my vegetarian years, I didn’t eat eggs. The only eggs I recall liking were these odd “scrambled eggs” that my mom made…in the microwave. I know, I know. Eggs in the microwave. I don’t know why she made them that way, and I don’t know why I liked them. I think it’s because it gave them a slightly firmer consistency.

Anyway, the point is, I never really liked eggs. So many pre-vegans are worried about missing all their old dairy favorites, but I never really had that problem. That said, I was never concerned with finding vegan alternatives. I’ve always loved a good tofu scramble since that doesn’t taste anything like eggs. Continue reading “VeganEgg Omelette by Follow Your Heart”