November Savings: Go Veggie, Follow Your Heart, & Tips on Swagbucks/ Ebates.

Fall Savings

Hello everyone,

Are you feeling refreshed after getting an extra hour of sleep last night? Say what you want about Daylight Savings Time, but I think everyone enjoys getting an extra hour of sleep once in awhile! I’m not sure it makes up for the super early evenings though… So I’m spending this rainy, gray day planning for my week and reviewing finances. What fun! I also spent some time checking on current promotions for my favorite rebate apps and savings websites. Check out the fall perks and full November Savings below!

Right now Swagbucks has a great fall promotion for new members. Simply sign up with my referral link and earn 300 points (essentially $3.00) that you can turn into a variety of gift cards, even for Amazon!

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Not to be outdone, Ebates is offering $10 cash back for new sign ups! Plus, Groupon just doubled their cash back on the site from 3% to 6%!

Ebates Coupons and Cash Back

And, I am sooooooo excited that Hampton Creek’s Just Mayo is now being sold online via. I was distraught when Target pulled these products earlier this year. I just orderly an embarrassing large amount of Just Mayo Light – it’s my favorite!

Alright, go get ready for holiday meals and gift giving while saving a buck or two! Cheers and happy savings!


PS – As always, in case you missed them, check out my top ways to save and other recent savings posts.

* Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. As always, all opinions are my own!


Beyond Meat

  • $1.00 off any Beyond Meat item (exp. 11/3o/17)

Bob’s Red Mill

  • $1.00 off any one Bob’s Red Mill product (Save more with Ibotta!)

Cool Savings

  • $0.25 off any one Bounty Basic
  • $1.00 off any two Kettle brand chips
  • $0.25 off any one Puffs product
  • $1.00 off any two 3.4oz Glade candles
  • $1.00 off any one Wholly Avocado brand product
  • $1.00 off any one Truvia Sweetener product
  • $1.00 off any three Keebler Ready Crusts
  • $1.00 off any one Reynolds Parchment Paper with Smartgrid or Cookie Baking sheets
  • $1.50 off any two Seeds of Change Organic food products

Follow Your Heart

Go Veggie

$1.00 off any Go Veggie product (exp. 12/31/2017)

 Visit hopster offers!


  • $1.00, any ONE (1) So Delicious Dairy Free Item
  • $1.00, any ONE (1) Tres Latin Pupusas (Any Flavor)
  • $150, any ONE (1) RiceSelect Product (21 ounces or larger)
  • $1.00, any ONE (1) Tom’s of Maine Product
  • $1.00, any ONE (1) Suja Juice, 12 oz.
  • $1.00, any ONe (1) Kite Hill Product
  • $1.00, any TWO (2) Kettle Chips (4 oz or larger)
  • $2,00, any THREE (3) Tasty Bite Products
  • $2.00, any ONE (1) Enjoy Life Foods Product Over $3.00
  • $2.00, any ONE (1) Enjoy Life product
  • $1.00, any TWO (2) Frontier Co-op Spices or Seasonings
  • $1.00, any ONE (1) Soyatoo or Viana item, excluding snack sausages

Sweet Earth 


  • $1.00 off any one Tofurky item


Rebate Apps


  • $1.00, Nayosoya TofuBaked
  • $1.00, Nayosoya Tofu, Noodles, Wraps
  • $1.00, Saffron Road Baked Lentil crackers or Simmer Sauces
  • $0.75, Saffron Road Baked Lentil chips
  • $0.50, Saffron Road Crunchy Chick Peas
  • $1.00, Sweet Earth Veggie Burger (combine with manufacturer coupon for even more savings!)
  • $1.00, Sweet Earth Functional Burritos (combine with manufacturer coupon for even more savings!)
  • $0.75, Hillary’s Eat Well Veggie Burgers
  • $0.25, Hail Merry Macaroons
  • $0.50, Beanfields Bean & Rice Chips

Cartwheel by Target

  • 30%, Method Power Dish Packs
  • 30%, Whole Earth Sweetener
  • 25%, Terra Sweet Potato Chips
  • 25%, Cheerios
  • 25%, Quaker Instant Oats Pumpkin Spice
  • 25%, Starbucks Cold Brew
  • 25%, Earth Balance Buttery Spreads
  • 25%, Sabra Hummus
  • 20%, Late July Tortilla Chips
  • 20%, Pearls Speciality Olives
  • 20%, JIF Peanut Powders
  • 20%, 5 pack Kind Bars
  • 15%, Pacific Organic Soups
  • 10%, Mezzetta Peppers

CheckOut51 (Join now and receive $5 off from refer/ earn!)

Ibotta (***Offers may vary based on store. I used Whole Foods and Target to find the following offers).

  • Produce/ Any:
    • $0.25, any item
    • $0.25, green beans
    • $0.25, watermelon
  • Refrigerated/ Frozen:
    • $1.50, Ripple Dairy Free
    • $1.00, Silk Almond Creamer
    • $0.50, Pacific Almond Milk
    • $1.00, Pacific Oat Milk


  • Whole Foods Market 365 Everyday Value Soup, Buy one; Get 1 50% off, Rustic Vegetable


  • $4.00, when you spend $12.00 on Enjoy Life Foods through December 23
  • $5.00, when you spend $25.00 on GOYA through December 31
  • $0.25, any GOYA low sodium beans through December 31
  • $0.50, any GOYA rice mix through December 31
  • $1.00, any three Old El Paso products through November 30
  • $1.00, any two Annie’s products through November 30
  • $0.50, any two Betty Crocker products through November 30

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  1. I keep forgetting I have a Swagsbuck account, as well as CartWheel and Ibotta. I’m definitely missing out on some great savings, and opportunities to make money. Thanks for those friendly reminders!
    And I’m not a fan of Daylight Savings because of the early evenings. Makes my days feel sooooo short!

  2. Wow! I no longer need to spend hours online looking for coupons. You are doing all the work for me. Thank you!

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