Spring Wishlist: A Vegan Lifestyle

Spring Wishlist- A Vegan Lifestyle

Hello everyone,

This month I turn 30. It’s one of those milestones I suppose, but for the first time I can remember, I’m just not that excited about it. Perhaps I’ll try 29 again. 29 redux. Okay?

This year, I am truly thankful for my friends/ family, my health, and my new house. Shortly, after my birthday I’m traveling for work and then heading off for a 10-day excursion through Arizona, Utah, and Las Vegas. I’m not one to post about vegan lifestyle or put together a wish list, but I thought I’d give it a try by sharing some of my favorite items and new purchases for my birthday. What do you have your eye on?

* Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. As always, all opinions are my own!

1. Sunnydaze 2 Person Freestanding Quilted Fabric Bar Hammock, $153.95 — Ah, what’s better than lounging in a hammock on a warm spring day? Nothing. Absolutely  nothing. I’ve wanted a hammock for years, but now I finally have a yard that can fit one! Thankfully my parents ordered this for my birthday so the coming months are going to be filled with spring naps under my tree.

2. Kate Spade Fox Scarf, $129.99 — Who doesn’t splurge every now and then? My weak spot is cute, animal print fabrics—especially scarves. Just look at this fox print! How do you say no?!

3. Reading at the Cafe, Book Lover’s Soy Candle, $18. — I love the small of books and coffee. It’s a no brainer this this is one of my favorite candles. It smells just like reading a good book at the local coffeeshop!

4. Aeropress, $34.99 — I absolutely love a fresh cup of coffee in the morning, afternoon, evening, anytime really. Hands down the best tasting coffee comes from an aeropress. This method produces a full favored coffee that is never bitter due to the minimal time the grinds are in contact with water. Trust me, once you use an aeropress you’ll forget all about your french press or regular coffee pot! I abosulately love this gadget.

AeroPress Coffee and Espresso Maker: Black by World Market

5. Grady’s Cold Brew Bean Bag Can, $9.99 — Of course, these are times when the weather is warm and you want nothing more than an iced coffee. Look no further than the cold brew bean bags at World Market. A few years ago, I opted to make my own Toddy. It wasn’t bad, but it was highly caffeinated. I mean caffeinated to the point where one glass would put me over the edge. I never found the right balance so now I use pre-made cold brew packs. Problem solved!

Grady's Cold Brew Bean Bag Can by World Market

6. Copper Geo Terrarium: Metallic – Glass – Large, $39.99 — I recently started using these geo terrariums filled with moss and air plants to spruce up my dining room. I love the aesthetic, plus air plants are so easy to take care of. You just water or bath them once a week, and you’re done. That’s it. No really. It’s that simple!

Copper Geo Terrarium: Metallic - Glass - Large by World Market Large

7. Wood Bark Coasters, Set of 4 by World Market, $14.99 — I’ve been eyeing these coasters for some time now. I want them even though I know they probably don’t absorb much moisture. My house is rustic, and I just love the look of wood.

Wood Bark Coasters, Set of 4 by World Market

8. A live/ dried wreath for the front door. This is such a lovely and easy way to spruce up a houses appearance for summer. I still have my dried live wreath from last summer, but I have two main doors. I’m eyeing the following to add to my collection:

Live Fall Lavender Wreath by World Market


Live Olive and Eucalyptus Wreath by World Market

9. Crave Naturals Glide Thru Detangling Brush, $10.77 — I know this may seem like an odd product to include on this list, but the Crave Naturals brush was my early birthday present to myself. I’ve dyed my hair for the past 15 years. It’s fine and beginning to turn brittle. I’m trying to preserve every strand I have so I wanted a brush that would pull out less hair. This brush has been a dream come true. I can brush my hair wet or dry and very few strands come out! Plus, it was way cheaper than my last few brushes!

10. TETON Sports Oasis 1100 2 Liter Hydration Backpack, $38.56 — I’m not an avid hiker, but I am training for my trip to Utah. I don’t deal well with heat, and I knew to make it up a mountain, I’m going to need to stay hydrated. There are many “water” backpacks upwards of $100, but considering I don’t intend on doing multi-day hikes, I went on a search to find the best daypack with a water  bladder. I quickly stumbled on the Teton Sports Oasis. The bag is high quality and fits 2L of water, plus room for a first aid kid, change of socks, snacks, etc. It’s perfect for day hikes, and the straps are quite comfortable!

So what do you have your eye on?



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