2015 Savings: A Year in Review

Hello friends!

Last year I resolved to save more and spend less. I’m not sure I actually accomplished that goal, but I do know that I did my best to pay as little as reasonably possible on purchases I was already going to make.

One of the ways I did this was to spend a little time on Sunday mornings creating my shopping lists and looking for relevant promo codes coupons online. Additionally, I checked a variety of product rebate apps to see if there were deals on items I was planning to buy. (Check out my Top Ways to Save).


I’ve ordered the nine apps I used from highest amount to lowest amount saved below:

  • Ibotta – $38.70 ($20 minimum)
  • Checkout 51 – $12.00 ($20 minimum)
  • Berrycart – $9.25
  • Shopkick – $9.00 in Target Gift Cards
  • Shopmium – $5.77
  • Shrink – $3.20 ($10 minimum)
  • Snap – $1.25
  • Savingstar – $0.50 (need $5)
  • MobiSave – $0.00
  • *Cartwheel – $392.97 in total savings since June 2013

So was it worth it? Overall I saved a total of $ 79.67. That’s not bad for doing little more than snapping a photo of my receipts and checking boxes. I will continue to use these apps into 2016 and beyond. The time investment is minimal, and even if I wasn’t saving a lot of money, it did make me think about my what I was purchasing.

I’m also stepping my savings game up a bit, and I’ve recently began to use Ebates. I thought it seemed a little scam like, but after my first month, I’m happy to say it’s not at all. I’ve saved cash on purchases I was already planning to make, and I received a new member perk – a $10.00 Amazon Gift Card. Why not give it a try, too?

Lastly, I have a referral code for new users of the Amazon app. You can save $5 on your first purchase with the app (not online). Just open the following link on your phone. 

So what do you resolve to do this year?




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