REVIEW: Field Roast Vegan Chao Slices, Love at First Bite

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I was on the road traveling for work today, and after such a long day all I could handle was a quick & easy dinner. What’s easier and tastier than a veggie burger on rye bread? Nothing!

Today I tried the new Tomato Cayenne Field Roast Vegan Chao slices rather than using my usual Daiya cheese. I have to say – it was love at first bite. (ha-ha, you see what I did there?)


Now, most of us in the vegan-vegetarian community already know and love the Field Roast brand who has a handle on the faux sausage and deli meat market. They recently released “Chao,” their new vegan cheese, in three flavors: Creamy Original With Chao Tofu, Coconut Herb With Black Pepper, and Tomato Cayenne With Spicy Pepper.

So what is “Chao,” and is it really any different than the other soy or nut cheeses on the market? Well Field Roast describes “Chao” as “a rich and creamy non-dairy coconut cheese seasoned with a traditionally fermented soybean curd from Asia.” Interesting enough. Sounds unique.

I opted to melt the cheese on a Gardein black bean burger (highly recommend if you haven’t tried it), and I was very pleased with how quickly and evenly it melted. I think we all know the sense of frustration that arises when attempting to melt many brands of vegan cheese. Chao is right on par with Daiya’s melting capability, but more closely resembles a ‘real deli-style cheese.’ Look at that beautiful melty drape:


The Tomato Cayenne flavor is fabulous. It was creamy and full of flavor. The kick was strong enough to notice but mild enough for those with more ‘delicate palettes.’ It was reminiscent of a traditional harvarti-style cheese. I made sure to taste Chao melted on my veggie burger, as well as, straight out of the package. I am happy to say that it holds up no matter how you eat it! I’ve been waiting for this type of product!


The only negative thing I can say is the at over $5 a pack, this cheese is a little pricey – even for the vegan market. Hopefully, the price will come down or Field Roast will offer up some nice coupons to entice more individuals to give this product a try. Regardless, I suggest you go visit your local grocery store and try this new product for yourself. You won’t be sorry! ‘Til then, what’s your favorite non-dairy cheese?

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