Simply Indulgent Red Rose Tea & Girl Scout Cookies

Hello everyone,

I hope everyone is keeping warm & cozy. Is it sad that I was excited when the low for the day was 0 degrees? Because you know that’s not a negative number!

Anyway, the cold got me in the mood for some hot tea, and I decided to break out my Red Rose Tea Simply Indulgent collection. My favorite flavor is “Lemon Chiffon.” For some reason it tastes strikingly similar to a Girl Scout cookie I used to enjoy in the ’90s – the “Lemon Pastry Cremes.” Seriously, try it for yourself!

By the way, have you heard the news? Both Girl Scouts bakeries are now making their Thin Mints vegan. No more searching for the right bakery or ordering cookies on ebay! Hooray for small, vegan dessert victories!


So how do you warm up on these cold winter nights? Let me know in the comments!


One thought on “Simply Indulgent Red Rose Tea & Girl Scout Cookies

  1. You know, just today I was bragging at work about you…and about how your vegan cooking usually had your two non-vegan roommates standing around, drooling. Anyway! I keep warm by force of one large dog and two brat felines deciding that they are entitled to most of the space of my bed. 🙂

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